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Gourmet Farmer Series 5

  • 10 x 30' Food Documentary Series

    Farmer and chef Matthew Evans realised a long held dream when he built his farm to table restaurant on his 70 acre Fat Pig Farm, but the quality of his food is only as good as his farm soil, so Matthew has taken up the challenge of improving the health of his farm’s soil, naturally. Over the course of a year and four seasons, we follow Matthew as he designs and refines a long-term regenerative agriculture plan to maximise the land he can sustainably farm, by controlling the damaging effects rain water runoff through landscaped terracing , developing ingenious new ways to replenish his soil with natural fertilisers and native plants and he even manages to tackle his farms runaway infestation of noxious Blackberry weeds without using a single chemical herbicide. Matthew Evans is literally starting from the ground up to transform his food and his farm, leaving it more productive and healthier for future generations come. From foodie to farmer, to chef to rehabilitator of the land. It’s one man versus nature, how hard can it be?
  • Presenter: Matthew Evans
    Directors: Scott Sinclair, Tim Thatcher
    Executive Producer: Sonja Armstrong